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"To whom much is given, much is required"

Let it Start With “Just One”

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What is the first thing you think of as you look at this family from Haiti?  I first wondered if I could live like that.  Could I be grateful for what I have while living in those circumstances?  And then my mind is flooded with even more questions.

What would I be willing to part with to give them a hand up?  Maybe I wouldn’t have to part with anything at all except some donation money. But how much?  How far would the money I carelessly spend for Starbucks Coffee each week go to feed and clothe them?

But most important of all, what is my responsibility to help them?  If I follow Christ’s teaching “….to love thy neighbor as myself”, where do I begin?

Through the years I have been frustrated with the cardboard signs asking for handouts and stung by a homeless person tossing away a cheese sandwich because it didn’t have any ham in it.  What about the homeless person with an iPhone, even I don’t have one of those.   So where do I begin to really make a difference in someone’s life?

There are so many that need my help and so often I have used the excuse, I don’t know where to begin. And then it hits me, you begin by helping just one!  My gift will make a world of difference for that one person.

My first step was to sponsor a child for “Children for a New Haiti”.  What a blessing it has been to know there is a small little boy going to school because I cared.

The people pictured here are a part of the “Children for a New Haiti” family.  We know this family and many like them.  They feel fortunate if they can make $2 a day.  Can you imagine feeding your family on $2 a day wage?  Food is shipped in to the nation of Haiti with prices that rival US prices.  They desperately need your help.

So tell me this, if they stretched out their hand to you, what would you give?  Would you be willing to let them be your “just one”?


Author: Pat

Born 1946 to Southern parents. Grew up in the NW but lived most of my life in the Mid West. Wife, mother, cook, caterer, college food service director and am now retired from my professional life.

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