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Serving with Purpose

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Education is like opening a present.. . so much potential resides within and with a little help it can turn into greatness.

They say hindsight is 20/20. And if I know anything now, it’s this: At age 25, I was clueless about life.

Coming straight out of college and into our first job was so exciting. Starting a family soon followed, even though we were but kids ourselves. Our young family all grew up together. Even though Joe and I felt we were living our own lives, we saw how similar our lives were to our parents before us– as was expected by the community we lived in.

Although I would not go back and change anything from those early days with my family, if I were offered the chance, I wonder what choices I would have made with the experience and knowledge I now have. I can think of only one thing; how I could have served others with purpose.

This particular lesson has taken me a lifetime to understand and truly embrace. Of course I gave to charitable causes when asked by the church or school, and there was always a worthy project to work on. But I never really put any energy toward developing a well thought out plan of giving and then working the plan.

As my involvement in the “Children for a New Haiti” project grows, I am amazed at the stories I am reading about our sponsorship families who have developed a vision of not only sponsoring a child to attend the elementary school, but expanded that vision to include helping that child become a doctor, nurse or other needful vocation They are committed to that child and her/his dream, knowing full well that she/he will someday help others achieve their dreams in the Haitian community.

Further, I’ve been impressed with those who earmark their giving dollars at the beginning of the year and then make a commitment to spending those dollars where it will make biggest impact in someone’s life.

Personally, I see “Children for a New Haiti” as giving with purpose. Helping a child through school is wonderful because we all know that knowledge is power. But those who build beyond that beginning, to a further education plan are true visionaries.

All of this leads me here, inspired and excited about the next steps we – as a community of people, friends, and family – are all about to take. With our hearts full with dedication to serving with a purpose I ask myself “what next?” My first step is to feed, clothe and educate – but what then? How can I encourage – no, how can we all encourage growth and education beyond just the immediate needs?

I’m taking a stand right now, here, and encouraging you all to take this next step with me – of supporting my Haitian child – and children everywhere – to be the best at what they can be. The possibilities of serving our next generation and passing along to them a new purpose is worth any price to me. Is it to you?

Please check our website:

Also we would be honored to have you “like” us on facebook so you may have first hand knowledge of the activities of our organization listed on your facebook page.    “……and we do all this in Jesus’ name, Amen!”


Author: Pat

Born 1946 to Southern parents. Grew up in the NW but lived most of my life in the Mid West. Wife, mother, cook, caterer, college food service director and am now retired from my professional life.

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