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"To whom much is given, much is required"

Response to “Serving with Purpose”

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Wissel Joseph, President and Founder “Children for a New Haiti”

Guest Post by Wissel Joseph “Children for a New Haiti”

Pat, thank you for a thoughtful article on serving with a purpose.

I think no matter where we are in life, either working on a college degree, dreaming of having a family and or purchasing a new home, we all need to slow down and ponder a bit more about our purpose in life and how little taken from our life will make such a tremendous difference in those living in poverty.

I was born and raised in Haiti and I was blessed with a dedicated mother who has made a lot of sacrifices for me and my siblings to get an education. Now, having a family of my own, I make sure that my children get a good education. But sometimes, as all of us, we get caught up in what surround us and forget the true meaning of life for others less fortunate.

I feel blessed to be a part of “Children for a New Haiti”. This nonprofit organization has allowed me to think through my life and to realize how fortunate and blessed we are to live in a country where things seem easy while other good innocent people and especially children cannot even taste nor comprehend what we take for granted.

Our October trip will be another experience of love and dedication. It is because of all our loving sponsors that have trusted and believe in what we are doing for the children of Haiti that we take seriously our trip to see that our children are in school beginning October 1. We want to make sure that your donations are being well spent.

Thank you so much for your loving caring for the children in Haiti. Your decision to make a life changing difference does indeed bring hope and a better life for those little ones we serve.


Author: Pat

Born 1946 to Southern parents. Grew up in the NW but lived most of my life in the Mid West. Wife, mother, cook, caterer, college food service director and am now retired from my professional life.

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