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"To whom much is given, much is required"

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Heart Pictures

She sat like a little dumpling on the pink bench. Her big eyes willing you to notice her and smile back. She was probably 2. I love babies and this little one captivated my heart and so I took a picture. And then another.

It was our last day in Dos Palais. We finished our work and it was time to pack up and head home. We felt like we had accomplished a lot but in the grand scheme of things, we had barely scratched the surface. So many needs by the families, so many children needing education, and so many basics that needed to be put in place to make their village safe to live in. Returning home was bittersweet.

A picture here and a picture there, I had documented our trip as best I could. But I was unprepared for my last picture of Dos Palais.

It was decided that we would pack up and leave after dinner. Suitcases were always packed and ready to travel at a moments notice. Not because we needed to “get out of town” but because there was very little room to call your own. It was the goodbyes to family and friends that would take the most time. But first dinner.

The cook prepared a scrumptious meal of rice and beans, plump fried chicken legs, salad, and their famous sauce. But that will be another story.

We loaded our plates and noticed that the family were all sitting inside the little house and it was really hot so Joe and I moved outside to the porch where it was cooler and sat down.

My heart dropped. There sat our little dumpling with 9 of her brothers and sisters plus her mom on the two pink benches in the twilight. The kids have a way of dipping their heads down and then looking up that signals so many needs in their lives. They all had those needs.

That evening, my heart took a picture. It will be my most long lasting picture of Dos Palais and will forever illustrate how much the people need. It will spur me on to continue seeking help for that sweet little dumpling in the viewfinder of my heart.

So many needs and we Americans have so much. If we all share just a little, we can make a big difference in the lives of the people in Dos Palais and Haiti. Please consider supporting a child in school. Or just making a donation for unspecified needs will also go directly to help a family with food or a hand up to start a business so that they can feed their family. We……… no, they need your help.

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“This Little Light of Mine” blog is written specifically for “Children for a New Haiti” organization. It is our mission to bring hope to the children of Haiti through education sponsorships, nutrition, and medical services.