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CNH Wishes You a Merry Christmas

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Wissel Joseph, President and Founder of “Children for a New Haiti”

Counting Our Blessings:

One evening after a long day of work, I sat in our living room to watch the news, when an advertisement for “Panera Bread” came up. It showed several people sharing how thankful they are for different things. All of their thankfulness was oriented towards families, friends, and love. There was no doubt that you can see the pride, the joy and the feeling of blessings in their faces.

The message was so deep that it impressed me to start thinking about how fortunate and blessed I am to be healthy, to have a job, to have a family, to have a place to live and most of all to live in a country that offers opportunities.

I automatically started thinking about the children in Haiti. The contrast is so stark. While most of us are celebrating or getting ready for Christmas either by buying special gifts for our loved ones or by receiving our most wanted gift, their expectations are so much lower to non existent.                                                                                                                                              
While we will be celebrating in this holiday season, I would encourage you to say a special prayer for the Children in Haiti. Some will not eat for days, some will not receive a gift, nor a cherished dream toy. Some will go to bed tonight with the same dirty clothes that they have been wearing for the entire week. Some are dying because they do not have access to a medical facility nor clean water. When we think of all of that and more, we should count our blessings!
And how do I know these things? I was born and raised in Haiti. I remember not having the chance to receive toys, and have a fun Christmas because my mother could not afford it. When I see my daughters wrapping their gifts to bring to school as part of a gift exchange, I praise the Lord for His blessings and I am grateful that not only he has given you and me the opportunities to have, but also the chance to share.
The situation that I described above is not only happening in Haiti, it is everywhere in the world, even in this great country that we live in. As we are celebrating the birth of Jesus and all that comes with it, I would encourage you to think about a way to make a difference in someone else life. Maybe it will be locally or to the families that are suffering the loss of their children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. All are worthy projects and deserve our prayers of comfort as well.
We, at “Children for a New Haiti” have the mission to make a lifelong change and difference for one child at a time. If you are looking for a way to help the little ones that need our help, please help us do that by sharing our web page with your contacts and help us spread the word by helping a child to have access to a good education, to health care and to a balanced nutrition program. By helping us, we will be working for a better world.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wissel Joseph, President/Founder