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"To whom much is given, much is required"

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Fighting Hunger in Haiti


Imagine with me!  Just 1 meal a day, what would you choose to eat if you could only have just 1 meal.  Add to that, what if you have less than $2 to feed you and your family.  What would you purchase at the grocery store that would fill up hungry tummies for a whole day.  If you are like me, you can’t imagine because we are not forced to contemplate that kind of a life.


Those in Haiti face that each and every day.  Those who are fortunate make $2.50 a day but many do not.  They go from person to person to see what might been gleaned from those who have food.  So very hungry.


That is the reason why funds are collected from the donation/sale of fresh bread at the Columbia SDA Church.  Also why a few dollars each month are set aside from the sponsorship money so that we can give just a little relief to those family we serve.


Our last food distribution was in October.  As you can see, they received bags of dry food such as beans, rice, macaroni, corn and a bottle of oil.  It’s not much but it helps a little and they are so very grateful!


Over and over, they bow and hold out their hand in thanksgiving for the food.  They want you to know how very much they appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Most of all, they pray for you and ask blessings upon you!



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Unexpected Blessings


I tallied the total again and was horrified!  What seemed to cost $475 for the last food distribution was going to cost us more than double!  How can that be? 

Haiti, as is the case with many impoverished nations, has a very unstable economy.  The currency exchange rates change on a moment to moment basis.   Nothing is sure until the product leaves their hands and touches our hands.   In my mind, I asked “. . . but why does it always have to go against us?”  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if things got cheaper?  I guess the world doesn’t understand that concept. 

Brokenhearted, I turned to Facebook where I vented my frustration and prayerful plea. . . . and someone was listening!   

Terry Loss, an Upper Columbia Academy schoolmate answered.  He boldly restated my plea into “they need” and “what are we going to do about it”.  Terry even threw out a matching funds plea and the money began to come in. The total donated money came to just over $1,000 which more than covered the needed amount of my food order.   The Bible tells us in Luke that when we give, God will give back more than we can handle.  

In Loscalabos (30 miles from Dos-Palais) Wissel parked the truck outside the little grocery store to pick up the food.  Most of it was there except the beans we needed were not.   The shopkeeper headed out to all the other little vendors in the town and gathered what they had in their shops to fill our order.  And yes, we had just enough money. 

We held our breath as 1,388 pounds of dry food and 15 gallons of oil was loaded into the truck.  Each corner and pothole on the drive to Dos-Palais was equally exciting but we made it.   

Food Distribution Day held excitement for those in the village.  Gratefully they accepted their bags of beans, rice, corn, pasta and a bottle of oil.  All were much needed supplies for the families.  Thank you to each and everyone of you!  Your giving heart meant so much to those people.  Not only did you help people in need but you touched my heart as well! 

And Terry, a special thank you to you, my friend, for listening to the underlying plea I sent out on Facebook that day!  You made a difference in the world because you saw a need and helped others to see the need as well!    Bless you.